How Water Kefir Can Help Acne!

We are all striving to keep our bodies healthy and happy, and acne can be painful, itchy and for some induces self-consciousness.
The rich probiotics in water kefir provide an incredible base for prevention and intervention with various diseases and medical issues. When it comes to acne, one of the biggest problems is inflammation. Not just inflammation of your skin around the acne itself, but also potentially in your gut. It is surprising what a lack of good flora in the gut can lead to. Many people with acne choose to take a probiotic supplement, and even dermatologists have begun prescribing them to patients. There are even recent studies in Italy and Russia dedicated solely to demonstrating the beneficial effects of probiotics and acne. Though there is nothing wrong with this method, water kefir is much more beneficial because fermented foods contain guaranteed live and more bio-available probiotics, meaning that they are much more effective in increasing and maintaining gut health. Water kefir contains over 30 billion different strains of live healthy bacteria and yeast!
Now, to repair damage done by the inflammation, take 500 mg to 1000 mg of vitamin C, daily. It will help in cell repair.
Again, if you are new to water kefir, start with 1-2 ounces and slowly build up over a week or two, to prevent stomach upset but also to gently bring your system into balance, versus shocking it. With acne and inflammation in general, sudden change to the body’s internal balance can sometimes cause a bit of a “flare up” or breakout.
Because it is important to reduce the amount of dairy in your diet when combating acne, water kefir becomes the perfect probiotic choice!

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